About Us

Our Story:

AutoNomix Inc. was created to reject the traditional assumption held by dealers that in order for a dealership to make money buying trades, their customers must lose the equity in their trades. This traditional practice has led to higher profits for dealers and has cost owners thousands of dollars in negative equity. This situation effectively forces you to either pay a higher down payment, pay a higher monthly payment or compromise on your choice of vehicle. It is not hard to see why buyers often feel like they were duped.

Who We Are:

Our business philosophy is unity of opposites: we reject the one-sided deals so common in the industry today in favour of the win-win-win deals. Or, put another way, what is in the best interest of our selling partners must also be in the best interest of our buying partners and the company. Our goal is to be a company whose success is measured by the value it creates for all its partners.

What We Do:

AutoNomix Inc. is an online marketplace that certifies, facilitates, and safeguards the selling and the buying of used vehicles between members of the general public. As a registered dealer, we are able to leverage all the advantages and resources that a traditional dealership uses to minimize costs and maximize profits. AutoNomix Inc. uses these resources to help vehicle owners earn a higher retail value for their trades rather than the lower wholesale or private sale value.

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